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India coffee has an incredible history, just like its unique flavor. Known for having a sweetly fermented fruit with a deliciously intriguing musty undertone that is smooth, not bitter, Europeans used to go crazy for these swollen and yellowed beans during the 1600s. If you want your coffee to have low acidity, and a light body with a mellow and soft tang, the India Malabar beans would be perfect for your palate! When ships used to sail from India to Europe, the Indian beans would be sitting in wet, damp climates underneath the ships for up to months at a time. Although the beans were not arriving in the same condition as when they were shipped, the Europeans still indulged in the Indian coffee beans – appreciating the strong aroma, but soft tones. Today, these beans are still some of the most sought after coffee beans from India.


Roast Type Dark
Origin Indo-Pacific